Anything Goes Radio Show

M&C Radio Show #27 – 3/5/2017

Mar 6th, 2017 Radio Show

Been gone for a while…BUT I’M BACK!   Artist Title Isis Glisten Dopelord Dead Inside (I&II) Soen Sister Witherfall Portrait Backwoods Payback That Dream Again Void of Sleep New World Order Alcest Oiseaux de proie Amorphis Under The Red Cloud Aeternam Paropamisadae Unearthly Trance Famine Hands New Heaven Lost Elysium Think Like The Enemy Cult of Luna Waiting For You Pain of Salvation King of…

M&C Radio Show #9 – 7.31.2016

Aug 2nd, 2016 Radio Show

Artist Title Album Label Buried Inside V Spoils of Failure Rinoa The Gates An Age Among Them Converge Hope Street You Fail Me Redux Botch Transitions From Persona to Object We Are The Romans *shels Fireflystarrs Laurentian’s Atoll We Lost The Sea Siege of Sevastopol Crimea Narrows Under The Guillotine Painted Trap Them Hellionaires Hellionaires Night Verses The Future As History: I Love You Dead…