Serial Hawk on KEXP

Mar 23rd, 2015 Live Performance

Doom. Sludge. Stoner. Got all the bases covered. I personally love the dramatic pauses, giving you time to let things sink in. Won’t let you stand idle for too long though. They get right back to crushing you with their gloomy riffs. Remember: This is metal. Excuse me while I listen to everything Serial Hawk has released this far. They got me good.   Serial…

SOTD: Freya by The Sword

Mar 21st, 2015 Song of the Week

With my forever obsession with Graveyard, Witchcraft and other pioneers of the retro psychedelic movement, it was only a matter of time that I would stumble upon The Sword. Freya just so happens to be the first song I’ve ever heard by them and still remains a favorite of mine. With the signature trippy guitar riffs and double-layered vocals, you can’t help but be reminded of Black Sabbath….