“Century of Youth” by Bleak

Jan 3rd, 2016 Song of the Week

Entering the new year, I thought about some of the metal releases that I might have overlooked and decided to back track a bit to see if I missed anything blood curdling… Turns out… I did! Shame on me. Let me first start off by saying mathcore is my favorite flavor of hardcore. There’s an extreme technicality associated with this genre that leaves me in awe…

"i perceive reptoids" by fight amp

“I Perceive Reptoids” by Fight Amp

Jun 15th, 2015 Song of the Week

Back in 2010, I saw a hardcore show at this place called Secret Art Space. It was located in the little town of Bethlehem (Pennsylvania, USA) and featured the following bands: Hero Destroyed, Iron Thrones, Mose Giganticus and Fight Amp(utation). It was quite a line-up as all of the bands killed the tiny garage with intensity and heat. But I do remember especially having the…