Song of the Week #33

I’m gonna tell ya a story. Really quick. About how loud, obnoxious and insanely solid Grizzlor is. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited over a band and their well-defined sound. Grizzlor is best described as spastic burst of dirty sludge and quirky noise with sarcasm-filled vocals. Yeah. I like that.

My Song of the Week is the 4th track off of their latest release, Cycloptic. Besides it being the most minimalistic track with a desirably repetitive bass riff and sloppy drums to follow, it tells of the unfortunate demise of a guy named Tommy. Despite the gloomy subject, the blunt and matter-of-fact nature of the vocals make it seem like it was just another one that bite the dust. And it weirdly amuses me. A little too much actually.

All of the tracks on this album barely hit the 2-minute mark which did worry me initially but, fuck, do these guys pick the most grooving riffs to bless you with for a short period of time. Check out “Tommy” below and the crushing music video for “Stoned”!

“Tommy” by Grizzlor

“Stoned” by Grizzlor

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