Song of the Week #29

So – I was looking for some new post rock and I stumbled upon the new album by Wildernessking called Mystical Future. Don’t get me wrong though. They aren’t JUST post rock. The band actually features ex-members of Heathens so you best believe you’ll get your black metal fix as well. Having listened to both of the bands’ material, I imagine the intention for the transition from Heathens to Wildernessking was to move away from labels and towards creative freedom. And with the release of this second LP, I can confirm that Wildernessking are continuing to do so.

My Song of the Week is the most atmospheric track on Mystical Future called “To Transcend”. The instrumentation is incredibly lonely throughout as guitars dwell in riffs of desolation with sluggish drums paving the longing journey. It invokes the same feeling I get when I listen to Cult of Luna‘s “Waiting For You”. Although “To Transcend” does not crescendo into an explosion, but rather rides a slow-burning wave to emphasize the feeling of emptiness. What I find most intriguing about the track are the silent yearning growls, making the track even more otherworldly. The only other band I can think of that does something similar is Rosetta and you guys know how I love those dudes.

Check it out below.

“To Transcend” by Wildernessking

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