Metal rooted in blues is one of the main reasons why I’m such a sucker for all things sludge. And when Black Pyramid released their debut full-length back in 2009, I was instantly drowned in its heavy riffage. The entire album is a blissful journey towards a psychedelic sunset… while being dragged face-down through the mud, of course. But if I had to choose just one favorite, it’d have to be ‘The Worm Ouroboros’, making my Song of the Week.

The lonely guitar riff that opens this track is an instant attention-grabber. And when the drums sloppily kick in, following the melody’s cry for attention, you’ve got no choice but to buckle up for the ride. The beauty in sludge doom lies behind the abrasive distortion and feedback while maintaining the thick southern riffage. Black Pyramid does it so fucking well so you best stay out of the way of their toxic psychedelic war cloud.

The lyrics of “The Worm Ouroboros” and the name itself are a homage to the classic fantasy novel of the same name, in which the book ends exactly where it began (i.e. creation through destruction). The Greek Ourboros symbol is actually a dragon eating its tail so this concept makes sense. I think it’s safe to assume that Black Pyramid is a fan of the novel.
Here. Check it out.

Black Pyramid just released their new single called “Open the Gates” on June 16, 2015.  Check, check it out!

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