The discovery of this Miami-based metal powerhouse of a band, Cave of Swimmers, came as a great surprise to me. It was just one of those nights where I was having zero luck finding new metal that grabbed my attention. I’m admittedly a very picky metalhead. But when I came across the new Reflection EP by Cave of Swimmers, all of the tracks just rocked me out of my despair.

This monstrous duo features Guillermo “GE” Perez and Arturo “Toro” Garia who are originally from Caracas, Venezuela but now claim Miami as their home, having relocated there in the early 2000s. They released their debut EP back in 2013 and are back with Reflection, having hit the shelf earlier this month. Of the four tracks on the EP, “The Prince of the Power of the Air” stood out the most and has made it as my Song of the Day.

There’s a lot of things I like about this track. It starts of with gorgeous interstellar ambience and the annunciated drum riff is reminiscent of solid post-metal bands like Pelican and Jesu. With sludge being my favorite kind of metal, drums are always the first thing to catch my ears. And if that riff is dragging me face down through the mud on a rainy day, you’re the one for me.

The high-octane prog guitar riff that follows in this track drowns out the ambience and increases the rate of metal assault. This kind of guitar work and distortion is my favorite amongst the metal genre because it’s quite simple overall but less is more in my book.

BUT WAIT. OMG. The vocals come in and I’m completely thrown off the scent. The first thing I thought off when hearing this blessing of a voice was the epic Norwegian heavy metal god, Jørn Lande. I consistently get chills down my spin when I listen to him sing. I thought Jørn would be the only one to invoke that kind of reaction but, umm… not anymore, bruh. GE has got some killer opera-esque skills.

Overall, this track is extremely progressive and the transitions are so engaging. I could honestly write an essay on the diversity in the track (I kind of already have O_O) but I’m don’t want to spoil it for you. Just know that this band is on my watch list. You should add it to yours too.
“The Prince of the Power of the Air” by Cave of Swimmers

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