Song of the Day

MANTAR, a monstrous duo from Northern Germany, just finished their second U.S. tour… And I missed it. I just pulled one of those stunts where you procrastinate on listening to new releases and when you finally get around to it… You fall head over heels only to be knocked right back down after realizing they just played your city LAST WEEK.


Anyways, MANTAR’s debut album Death by Burning is that epic fusion of metal and punk that I know quite well. “Spit” by MANTAR is my absolute favorite on this record. Hanno’s raw and heavily accented vocals are reminiscent of early Gallows and Blackhole while the music itself is just fucking death ‘n’ roll. That’s the only way I can describe it. Fucking badass DEATH ‘N’ ROLL at its finest.

Here. Take a listen.

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