Words cannot describe the darkness and warmth that began to brew inside me when I first started listening to this track… making it Metal&Coffee’s Song of the Week!


We Will Burn is the second track off of Monolord’s second full-length album, Vænir, and it’s the perfect depiction of everything fuzzy and beautiful about sludge. The beginning starts off with obnoxious amplifier feedback, abruptly followed by a slow fiery burst of guitar and bass spitting out major intensity. While the drums serve as a relaxed yet edgy foundation to the endless gloom. The vocals are so airy and enter you through a psychedelic supernatural tunnel of double-layered confusion. I’m very surprised at

Any headbanging experienced during this nearly 8-minute track originates from the darkness of the heart. Just know that. And accept it.

If you’re feeling this track, you’ll like the entire album by Sweden’s Monolord.


Vænir Digital Album is available on Bandcamp at $7.55 USD or more.

Vænir Physical CD & Vinyl available at Riding Easy Records.

SOTD: Will We Burn by Monolord