I adore this track so much. I definitely remember putting on The Shape of Punk To Come for the first time a couple of years ago (I’m a late bloomer, sue me) and just being eradicated by this opening track. Shortly after the spoken word and collection of distortion and synths, the freight train of raw intensity and chaos fucking owns your life. And yes, I will willing take their dose of political views.


I completely understand how this album help mold the post-hardcore scene that I’ve come to love and adore.


Surprisingly, a lot of people complain about the vocals but I actually prefer his high distorted scream over low growling ones. I don’t even know why. I just fucking love his scream.
It saddens me that initially they had such a short life span but they do have some festival dates coming. None near yours truly of course but I’m just glad they’re touring again.


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