This song is so ridiculous. It starts off really powerful with cascading drum rolls and a pretty straight-forward sludgy guitar riff but then it just goes fucking slow-mo. It’s pretty much like ‘What the fuck is going on? Aren’t you gonna pump me up more?” But just before you can finish talking shit, they hook you in a face with harsh duel-vocals and more crazy drums.

I am in love with the lady guitarist’s vocals and her domination during the chorus. So fucking good. I just imagine all of Kylesa in their bracing stances, punching their wet clumped hair forward with each snare hit. And me, right beside them, keeping up with the awesomeness.


It’s definitely my favorite track off of Spiral Shadow because of the drumming. Did I mention that Kylesa has 2 drummers?! How sick.

I just love me some drums, man.


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