Song of the Week #34

I definitely went through my intense prog metal phase back in the late 2000s with my everyday playlist consisting of Liquid Tension Experiment, Animals as Leaders and Demians. So it was a beautiful reminiscent surprise to listen to Sithu Aye‘s lasted double album, Set Course for Andromeda, and immediately fall in love with it.

Sithu Aye is a young overly talented musician from Glasgow, UK who has been composing progressive metal since 2011. Not to mention that he was working hard to earn his master’s degree in Physics throughout the birth of his project. If you aren’t impressed yet then you should get GTFO.

My Song of the Week goes to the first 2 tracks on his latest, “Space Cadet” & “Set Course for Andromeda!!!”. Besides the gorgeous intergalactic guitar riffage and the sparkley MPC usage, every layer amazingly intertwines perfectly into a piece that nearly redefines the word “progressive” itself. It amazes me how one person can be this talented. I’m so jealous.

Check it out below!

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