Thanks so much to my follower, Robin Johansson, for turning me onto this Swedish post-metal band, ORO. When I first heard the latest EP “Järtecken” by ORO, it reinforced my love for the artistry that lies behind post-metal. The term “post-metal” arrived with the birth of Neurosis and Isis in an attempt to define bands who embrace both heavy metal and shoegazey post rock into their musical compositions. I consider this to be a very safisticated genre that only a few bands can claim membership of and ORO is definitely one of them.

This EP is made up of 2 tracks, each clocking in at 7+ minutes, giving it the epic progressive signature that most experimental bands possess. The title track, “Järtecken”, happens to be my Song of the Week because it completely crushed my heart upon first listen. The vocals are hardcore and growled in Swedish. I do not speak Swedish but I do know that ORO are fucking sick.

These guys don’t seem that well-known outside of Sweden so this is all the more reason to give them a listen!

Järtecken by ORO Bandcamp | Facebook


For fans of Cult of Luna, Rosetta, Callisto