Oh metalcore, you. A genre that has always been a victim of my pickiness. There are only a few good men when it comes to this genre in my opinion and they are: Converge, The Chariot, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Underoath.

But I may have to append that list after listening to Stories’ August 2015 debut LP, The Youth To Become. These Australian lads managed to find the perfect balance between textured chaos and gloomy breakdowns while dodging the threat of over-production which I find is the issue with most of the mediocre bands in this genre. What I also love about this debut LP and the atmospheric mood is consistently portrays throughout each track. Thanks to the instrumental interludes. I just love it.


“For a Second… I Couldn’t See a Thing” by Stories

“For A Second… I Couldn’t See A Thing” is my favorite track from the album and happens to be my Song of the Week. This track encompasses my ideal metalcore formula. It starts off high-octane with everything coming at you strangely correlating perfectly with the painful vocals screaming of anxiety and nausea. The journey of the track fits the lyrical theme of a broken person having an internal battle that people are failing to acknowledge its legitimacy.It’s something I can relate to. I’m even tempted to speculate that there is symbolism between lyrics sung harshly and lyrics sung cleanly. Give it and listen and see what you think.


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