Song of the Week #30

Christian Metal isn’t really my thing, guys. I cringe when someone even mentions it. But I did check out the new Hope For The Dying record, Legacy, completely unaware that they were, indeed, classified as such. I resisted my urge to dismiss them though. Only because I truly enjoyed listening to this album. Hope For The Dying has officially been added to my painfully short Christian Metal exception list along side Underoath.

My Song of the Week is the 3rd track on the album called “Flame Forged”. It starts off with this journey into the medieval tropics, fooling you into a perceived calmness as the flute and guitar riffage caress your soul. But as soon as the drums kick into a dense groove and guitar saturation takes over, it becomes more intense and less tropical. And throughout the track, it’s a constant give-and-take of calmness and intensity as the death growls somehow continue work throughout it all. It’s a masterpiece. For real.

If you like borderline Ayreon epic-sounding metal, I definitely recommend you give them a listen. Check out “Flame Forged” below.


“Flame Forged” by Hope for the Dying

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For fans of Opeth, Ayreon, Evergrey, Symphony X