Song of the Day

I wonder if it is simply a coincidence that the title-track on Rosetta’s third full-length LP Determinism of Morality happens to be my favorite. It encompasses the calamity and atmospheric chaos that defines the post-metal subgenre as a whole. This nearly 11-minute journey through interstellar reality can come off as repetitive in the simplicity of its progression through various phases. But that’s what makes it stand out among the other tracks. The pace is consistent while the subtle changes between the riffs and progressions invoke the strong grip of uplifting melancholy.

Armine’s screaming vocals and his ambiguously religious lyrics fit the mood of the music quite perfectly. There’s seemingly an internal struggle between himself and a higher power for love and acceptance. It’s quite revealing.

This album is the first time Rosetta brought in a producer to help them record from start to finish as every other album in their discography was self-produced with a little help here and there. I’m not sure if this tiny detail is what makes this album my favorite by them but I can tell you that it definitely stands out among their other works.

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SOTD “Determinism of Morality” by Rosetta