Song of the Week #25

Baroness are back with their fourth full-length album called “Purple” (keeping the rainbow theme of their album titles alive and well) and it’s reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Having followed these Savannah natives from their beginnings, I couldn’t help but notice how they’ve become more polished in every aspect of their music. Their harsh progressive sound is bit cleaner these days yet maintains the signature stoner element that I know and love. And the vocals have moved from being strictly shouting to a variety of the former and strong clean singing.

My Song of the Week subsequently comes from Baroness’ latest release and it’s called “Desperation Burns”. It’s the most infuriatingly groove-driven track of the bunch. And with lyrics ambiguous enough for open interpretation, at least we can all agree that the smell of desperation pretty much burns our noses. Check it out below.

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