Song of the Week #35

Happy June 1st, metalheads! I’m here with a hella-sick Song of the Week for your hearing pleasure. Hailing from good ol’ Connecticut, Burrows released an EP called Mar last fall and it definitely was an unfortunate oversight on my part. If you like your metal served up minimalistic and raw, you’re gonna want to check out this EP. The interesting thing is that I here a ton of subgenres on this EP (post hardcore, math, sludge, doom), which makes it hard to even try to throw them into a category. But who the fuck wants to be categorized nowadays?

I chose the sludgiest track on the EP as my Song of the Week. ‘Dark Ancients’ features the most memorable breakdowns, grooves and ambience on the record. And as a person who is not personally into blast beats, I appreciate the clever incognito yet fitting usage of it throughout this track. Check it out below and let me know what you think!

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