Song of the Week #27

My Song of the Week this time around goes to “The Curse That Is” by Portland’s Graves At Sea and I have one of my followers to thank for turning my ear on to this. This is the title track off of their full-length debut. This band has been around since 2002 so let’s just say that this album has been a long fucking time coming. Their previous demos and EPs have been highly regarded so the announcement of their upcoming release brought preemptive tears to many metalheads.

This 11+ minute track is so crushing that it actually seems too short. It has a dirty progressive start with speedy guitar riffs taking over from distortion and washed out feedback fading in. It’s very reminiscent of Baroness at this point. But Tales-From-The-Crypt vocals kick in and that comparison has pretty much gone to shit. The vocals are actually my favorite aspect of the track because they sound so blood curdling and the self-loathing lyrics back that up. If this is meant to serve as a preview on what to expect on the rest of the album, then I already know that I’ll love it.

Graves At Sea‘s full-length debut The Curse That Is releases on Relapse Records April 1, 2016. Check out the links below to pre-order.

“The Curse That Is” by Graves At Sea

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