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I discovered Doomriders back in my days as a college radio DJ and they’ve always held a place in my heart. Back in ’09, when Darkness Come Alive had first hit the record shelves, I just remember featuring it on the “New Music” segment of my metal radio show for weeks… Way past its “new music” shelf life O_O

Doomriders is a hardcore metal band from Boston that has always enchanted me with their mixture of rock, punk and metal. As a huge Danzig fanatic, I appreciate the solid classic rock foundation that lies behind their musical structure and Nate Newton’s vocals add the raw punk vibe that never disappoints. Not to mention the intensity and density in their work has metal all over it. The concoction is amazing.

At the time that Darkness Come Alive was released, Doomriders was actually made up of members of Converge, Old Man Gloom, Cave In, Disappearer (seriously, where are you?) and Iron Cast Hike. It’s absolutely no surprise why I feel for this band at first listen.

My favorite track from that album is “Come Alive” because of its consistent high-octane tempo, making it the perfect example of Death ‘n’ Roll. Not only are the lyrics beckoning you to let darkness take over your soul and send it to sleep, there is a stoner crushing guitar outro concluding this fiery track. It’s almost as if the deathening guitar riff represents darkness and its success in devouring your innermost being…

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Purchase the digital album Darkness Come Alive for $7.99 on Bandcamp.