Entering the new year, I thought about some of the metal releases that I might have overlooked and decided to back track a bit to see if I missed anything blood curdling…

Turns out… I did! Shame on me.

Let me first start off by saying mathcore is my favorite flavor of hardcore. There’s an extreme technicality associated with this genre that leaves me in awe every time I listen to it or see it live. I imagine that a certain level of musicianship and band chemistry is required to compose anything math-ish because some of the mind-fucking that goes on during these tracks are INSANE.

Nevertheless, Syracuse natives, Bleak, put out their debut release called We Deserve Our Failures back in August 2015 and it’s worth your time to check it out if you have not already. Especially if you are a fan of Botch, Dillinger Escape Plan and all things mathcore.

My Song of the Week happens to be the sludgiest track (surprise surprise!) on the album called “Century of Youth”. Prepare to be bloodied and dragged into a bleak dungeon by your broken foot while listening to this killer track…


“Century of Youth” by Bleak Bandcamp | Facebook

For fans of Converge, Disembodied, Coalesce