Song of the Week #31

Erotic Satanic Sludge hailing from France, Love Sex Machine has stolen my heart upon first listen.

High-pitched screams of human meat plates, crispy fried penis, and cheese stuffed testicles (seriously these are their lyrics) over the most repetitively crushing guitar riffage and drum grooves are enough to make a grown man hungry and a grown woman… *Ahem*  excited. 

My Song of the Week is their title track from their second LP Asexual Anger and the consistent volume on this track is absolutely sickening. Like I mentioned before, the devilish guitar riff is mostly the same throughout the entire song with varying intensity. Although the drum grooves are what make it a truly memorable metalhead experience. Just pay attention to it while you listen and you’ll see what I mean. Try not to climax too hard though. You’ve been warned. Especially when you hit the killer doom at the 3:23 mark. It got my blood boiling.

“Asexual Anger” by Love Sex Machine

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