Song of the Week #26

Portland sludge apprentices, Ape Cave, self-released their debut LP, Pillars of Evolution, this month and all I can think about is how intelligently and consistently heavy this album is. This band has only been together for 1 year and having only released an EP Primoridum prior to this, they show incredible musicianship and progress.

My Song of the Week is their starter track, “Vesuvius”, and it has this dominating riff that I can just listen to over and over again. This slow chugging track has the right amount of structure and chaos. And the awesome thing is that their entire album keeps this killer balance in check. The psychedelic vocals make use of both clean and unclean techniques and sing of a trippy internal journey of oneself… At least that’s what I think I’m gathering. Check it out below!

“Vesuvius” by Ape Cave

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