Artist Title Album Label
Buried Inside V Spoils of Failure
Rinoa The Gates An Age Among Them
Converge Hope Street You Fail Me Redux
Botch Transitions From Persona to Object We Are The Romans
*shels Fireflystarrs Laurentian’s Atoll
We Lost The Sea Siege of Sevastopol Crimea
Narrows Under The Guillotine Painted
Trap Them Hellionaires Hellionaires
Night Verses The Future As History: I Love You Dead Into The Vanishing Light Artist Spotlight
Night Verses Drift Into The Vanishing Light Artist Spotlight
Young Widows Old Skin Old Wounds
These Arms Are Snakes Abracadabraca Easter
We Made God Oh Dae-Su It’s Getting Colder
A Swarm of the Sun Repeater Zenith
Oathbreaker Agartha Eros/Anteros Request
Mahumodo Bythewaters Waves
Black Sheep Wall Nihility I Am God Songs
Love Sex Machine Asexual Anger Asexual Anger