Artist Title Album Label
Cult of Luna Ghost Trail Eternal Kingdom
Neurosis Belief Times of Grace
Jesu Conquerer Conquerer
Isis Dulcinea In The Absense of Truth
Russian Circles Mota Mota (Single)
Rosetta Les Mots Et Les Choses Flies to Flame
Conjurer Behold the Swine I
Conjurer Scorn I
Callisto Drying Mouths (In A Gasping Land) Providence
Long Distance Calling Aurora Satellite Bay
The Ocean Abyssopelagic I Pelagial
The Ocean Abyssopelagic II Pelagial
Epistasis Time’s Vomiting Mouth Light Through Dead Glass Listener Request
Intronaut Fast Worms The Direction of Last Things
Mastodon Oblivion Crack The Skye