Artist Title Album
Moon Tooth Queen Wolf Chromaparagon
Bossk The Reverie Audio Noir
Novembre Australis URSA
Graves At Sea The Curse That Is The Curse That Is
Year of No Light Sélénite Nord
Sleep Dragonaut Sleep’s Holy Mountain
Windhand Two Urns Grief’s Infernal Flower
Electric Wizard Saturnine Witchcult Today
Baroness Shock Me Purple
Callisto Like Abel’s Blood Cried For Revenge True Nature Unfolds
Eyehategod Nobody Told Me Eyehategod
Ghost B.C. Cirice Meliora
KEN Mode Blessed Success
Intronaut Fast Worms The Direction of Last Things
Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas A Greater Call Mariner
The Chariot Need: Wars and Rumors of Wars