This week’s Artist Spotlight was Code Orange. I love those hardcore kids.


Artist Title
Advent Wind from thre Valley
Emptiness Ever
Knocked Loose Counting Worms
Oathbreaker Glimpse of the Unseen
Drowningman Sadder than Saturday
Acid Bath Graveflower
Burst Sever
Come Sleep Be The End
Wear Your Wounds Wear Your Wounds
Expire Hidden Love
Darkthrone Boreal Fiends
Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas A Greater Call
Code Orange Forever
Code Orange Kill The Creator
Code Orange The New Reality
Blacklisted Our Apartment is Always Empty
Biffy Clyro Bodies In Flight
Pallbearer Thorns
Converge Hell To Pay
Rosetta Les Mots Et Les Choses
Amenra .Razoreater.