The left and right channels were totally off the entire time. I need to start bringing my own aux cables. Sorry guys!


Artist Title
Hanging Garden Pnumbra
Church of Misery El Padrino (Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo)
Neurosis Prayer
Trap Them Hellionaires
Pain of Salvation Tongue of God
Textures Oceans Collide
Zao I Leave You In Peace
Angela Martyr Negative Youth
Turbid North The Pyramid Drones
Through Lucid Eyes Transient
Absent In Body Absent In Body
Earth Moves There Was An Apple Orchard Here
The Drowned God Wayworn
Code Orange Forever
Katatonia Soil’s Song
Ulcerate Chasm of Fire
Between The Buried And Me What We Have Become
Fight Amp I Perceive Reptoids