Welcome to 2017, metalheads. Here is my first broadcast of this year. Hope you enjoy.

If you have any questions are need help finding where to purchase this music, let me know! (The beginning is commercials but the metal will come….)

Artist Title
Entombed A.D. As The World Fell
Earth Moves Pia Mater
Nebulae Comes Sweet N
Oranssi Pazuzu Saturaatio
夢遊病者 White Linen
Lioncloth Angel Bait
Ken Mode Absolutely Not
Green Bastard Thoros
Furia Za ćmą, w dym
Port Noir Black from the Ink
Neurosis Reach
Mustard Gas and Roses As One
Agatus The Eternalist
Animals As Leaders Arithmophobia
Turbid North Red Giant
Leprous Foe