Artist Title Album Label
Sadgiqacea Falese Segments False Prism
Minsk Waging War on the Forevers Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead Nor Alive
Ephel Duath Tracing the Path of Blood Hemmed by Light, Shaped by Darkness
Meshuggah Violet Sleep of Reason The Violent Sleep of Reason Listener Request
Waldgeflüster Weltenwanderer Ruinen
Between the Buried And Me Aspirations Between the Buried And Me
The Drowned God I’ll Catch the Back of Her Head Moonbearer Listener Request
Red Fang Dumb Guy Only Ghosts
Red Fang I Am a Ghost Only Ghosts
Red Fang The Smell of the Sound Only Ghosts
KEN Mode The Terror Pulse (Demo) Nerve
Downfall of Gaia Petrichor Atrophy
Devil To Pay Knuckledragger A Bend Through Space and Time
40 Watt Sun Pictures Wider Than the Sky
Naat Falesia Naat
The Chariot Need: Wars And Rumors Of Wars