Playlist for this week:

Artist Title Album
Goblin Cock The Crusher Bagged and Boarded
Sofy Major Waste Waste
Pigs The Life In Pink Wronger
Melvins At The Stake Stoner Witch
Indian Handcrafts Brothers Underground Creeps
Graves At Sea Dead Eyes The Curse That Is
Acid Bath Bleed Me An Ocean Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Sourvein Avian Dawn Aquatic Occult
Buried Inside I Spoils of Failure
Wildernessking To Transcend Mystical Future
Callisto Drying Mouths (In A Gasping Land) Providence
Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas Chevron Mariner
Grizzlor Stoned When You Die
Isis Dulcinea In The Absense of Truth
Stone Titan Alaskan Thunderfuck Scratch ‘N Sniff
Pelican The Cliff Forever Becoming
Moon Tooth Queen Wolf Chromaparagon
Oceansize Unravel Effloresce