Metal & Coffee on Sun 11/13/16

Artist Title Album Label
Sweet Cobra He Tall He Earth
Jesu Old Year Conqueror
Asteroid Wolf & Snake III
The Sword Mist and Shadow High Country
Sepultura I Am The Enemy I Am The Enemy
Deafheaven Dream House Sunbather Listener Request
Sourvein Avian Dawn Aquatic Occult
Backwoods Payback Elephants Fire Not Reason
Thou By Endurance We Conquer Summit
Saint Vitus Children of Doom C.O.D
Pelican Ephemeral What We All Come To Need
Eyehategod Trying To Crack the Hard Dollar Eyehategod
Cavalera Conspiracy Babylonian Pandemonium Pandamonium
The Dillinger Escape Plan Limerent Death Dissociation
East of the Wall I Am Crying Nonstop Hysterically Farmer’s Almanac
Cave of Swimmers The Prince of the Power of the Air Reflection
Wolves At The Gate Flickering Flame Types & Shadows
Burst City Cloaked Lazarus Bird
Rosetta Departe The Galilean Satellites