Artist Title Album Label
Agalloch Limbs Ashes Against the Grain
Pelican Final Breath What We All Come to Need
Ghost Square Hammer Popestar
The Obsessed Streetside The Church Within (Listener Request)
Black Tusk Fixed in the Ice Passing Through Purgatory
Bad Brains Re-Ignition I Against I (Listener Request)
Baroness Shock Me Purple
Asteroid Last Days Last Days (Single)
Cult of Luna & Julie Christman The Wreck of S.S. Needle Mariner
Obscure Sphinx Memories Of Falling Down Epitaphs ARTIST SPOTLIGHT
Obscure Sphinx Nieprawota Epitaphs ARTIST SPOTLIGHT
Fishbone Subliminal Fascism Truth and Soul (Listener Request)
Rosetta Wake Wake/Lift
Caspian Malacoda Tertia
Giant Squid Palace of Knossos Minoans
Battle of Mice Sleep and Dream A Day of Nights