Artist Title Album Label
Khemmis Ash, Cinder, Smoke Absolution
East of the Wall Winter Breath Farmer’s Almanac
The Ocean Bathyalpelagic I: Impasses Pelagial
Callisto Caverns of Khafka True Nature Unfolds
Neurosis Lost Enemy of the Sun
Melvins Revolve Stoner Witch
Cult of Luna Leave Me Here Salvation (Track Got Cut Off!)
Skyharbor Idle Minds Guiding Lights
Oceansize As the Smoke Clears Music for Nurses
Sleep Evil Gypsy / Solomon’s Theme Sleep’s Holy Mountain
Opeth Ghost of Perdition Ghost Reveries
Pelican Strung Up From The Sky What We All Come To Need
Windhand Woodbine Soma
Pigs Wrap It Up Wronger
Indian Handcrafts It’s Late Queeny Creeps