On this edition of Metal & Coffee, my artist spotlight is Hell, extreme funeral doom metal band from Oregon.

I also premiered a new track by Philadelphia’s hippie death metal band, Trunk, called ‘Nocturnal Hallucinations’ in anticipation for the release of their 5-song EP Green later this fall.

Artist Title
Periphery Marigold
Arch Enemy Blood in the Water
Callisto Backbone
Solace The Disillusioned Project
Torche Bishop in Arms
Oranssi Pazuzu Havuluu
Obscure Sphinx Memories of Falling Down
Whores Flag Day
Fantomas Page 12
Trunk Nocturnal Hallucinations
Hell Helmzmen
Hell WanderingSoul
Hell Inscriptus
Naam Kingdom
Soen Sectarian
Battle of Mice Yellow & Black