Aseitas “City of Stone”

Nov 2nd, 2017 Song of the Week

Song of the Weeks continue to be few and far between but I will never give it up! This week I’m featuring the first single to come from newly formed Portland-based band Aseitas. ‘City of Stone’ features clever post-metal technicalities (reminiscent of Cult of Luna) along with the vocal ruggedness that death metal fans are sure to love. Aseitas includes members of Ape Cave, featured…

Album Artwork for Enslaved Album called "E"

Enslaved “Hiindsiight”

Oct 18th, 2017 Song of the Week

Norwegian extreme metal band, Enslaved, released their fourteenth studio album called “E” earlier this month and my Song of the Week happens to be a track off of that album called “Hiindsiight”. To be honest, this is usually not my flavor of metal but an exception has been made. Check it out below. For fans of: Emperor, Borknagar, Satyricon…   These days, I mostly do radio…


“Heresy Breath” by Siberian

Mar 22nd, 2017 Song of the Week

Keeping it short & sweet this time around, my Song of the Week is going out to Siberian‘s “Heresy Breath” off of their sophomore album The Ages of Sleep released last month. There are so many great things about this album but I’ll only name a few. First of all, the album concept is an anthology of the band members’ dreams and their interpretations of them, leading to a…

“Kicking A Hornet’s Nest” by Iron Whip

Oct 18th, 2016 Song of the Week

Homies. I haven’t done a Song of the Week in forever but I’m here to start those up again. A much more condensed version though because I now prefer to let the simple act of me having selected the track as Song of the Week convince you that it’s, indeed, good shit. So let’s commence. What do I have for you this Metal Monday? How about some…

"Dragonaut" by Sleep

“Dragonaut” by Sleep

Jul 15th, 2016 Song of the Week

Song of the Week #36 Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally returned to give you Song of the Weeks on a more consistent basis. And it is my hope that you will discover something new with each track I choose to highlight. But for this week, I’m shining a spotlight on an oldie but dirty goodie. I hope you don’t mind. If anything, you’ll be reminded of how…


“Dark Ancients” by Burrows

Jun 1st, 2016 Song of the Week

Song of the Week #35 Happy June 1st, metalheads! I’m here with a hella-sick Song of the Week for your hearing pleasure. Hailing from good ol’ Connecticut, Burrows released an EP called Mar last fall and it definitely was an unfortunate oversight on my part. If you like your metal served up minimalistic and raw, you’re gonna want to check out this EP. The interesting thing is that I here…

"Set Course for Andromeda!!!" by Sithu Aye

“Set Course for Andromeda!!!” by Sithu Aye

May 14th, 2016 Song of the Week

Song of the Week #34 I definitely went through my intense prog metal phase back in the late 2000s with my everyday playlist consisting of Liquid Tension Experiment, Animals as Leaders and Demians. So it was a beautiful reminiscent surprise to listen to Sithu Aye‘s lasted double album, Set Course for Andromeda, and immediately fall in love with it. Sithu Aye is a young overly talented musician from Glasgow, UK…

“Tommy” by Grizzlor

Apr 30th, 2016 Song of the Week

Song of the Week #33 I’m gonna tell ya a story. Really quick. About how loud, obnoxious and insanely solid Grizzlor is. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited over a band and their well-defined sound. Grizzlor is best described as spastic burst of dirty sludge and quirky noise with sarcasm-filled vocals. Yeah. I like that. My Song of the Week is the 4th track off…