How a Black Girl Got Into Metal…

Sep 22nd, 2015 My Youtube

Hey guys! Ever wonder how a black girl like me got into metal? Well, you’re just in luck because I made a video about it! Give it a watch… and like or comment as you see fit. Check the video out above or on my Youtube channel here. Rock on XOXO!

My Most Popular YouTube Video!

Aug 22nd, 2015 My Youtube

Good morning, metalheads! As I prepare to hit the ground running with Metal&Coffee, I was thinking back to my most popular YouTube video. I actually cringe when I watch this now, haha. It’s over 3 years old and it’s such bad quality. But I distinctly remember having a lot of honest fun putting it together. I’m actually thinking about remaking this video so I can…

MELVINS – Metal Review

Jun 8th, 2015 My Youtube

Hey everyone! I just posted a new video about the Melvins and my love for them. Give it a listen and a like, why don’t cha? Check the video out above or at my Youtube channel here. Rock on XOXO!