One can probably say that I’ve been stuck in my past college radio days, listening only to the Sludge/Post-Metal that had been blessed upon me between the years of 2007-2010 (Thank you, Fall of Efrafa and Russian Circles). But nowadays I’m on a metal mission to stay more current with the scene because I have a strange feeling that I’m missing out on some great shit. And thanks to Ufomammut’s new release, Ecate, I’m more motivated than ever.

ufomammut-ecate-album-review-2Honesty hour – I have heard of Ufomammut before but I’ve never given their previous works a proper listen. So, this review will be from the point of view of a complete newbie. With that said, this album is a dark and gorgeous realization of the beauty that lies in the founders of psychedelic metal. The album starter, Somnium, is infected with creepy interstellar sounds followed by heavy repetitive guitar riffs and deathly drums that vary in intensity. It is reminiscent of Neurosis and their knack for ambient interludes but with the Ufomammut signature sound. The drowning vocals and harmony are strangely pleasurable to my ears. The vocals seem to be intentionally washed out by the epicity and mass of constant riffage and soundscapes. It’s to die for.

This comes as no surprise but my favorites are the heavy-headbanging hitters: Plouton, Temple and Daemons. Although I do appreciate the black holes and murmurs that make up Revelations and the beginning of Chaosecret, I’m a sucker for the fast and fucking heavy. The steady fast pace of enflamed guitars and drums and a vision of Urlo, Poia and Vita whipping their dark angel hair (or beard O_O) ignites a fire inside.

The concept of Ecate is even more mind-fucking as the term itself refers to the name of the ancient greek goddess of the following 3 worlds: The World of Humans, The World of the Gods, and The World of the Dead. Each song is meant to represent a different interpretation of this goddess since her meaning has transferred from a positive fabel to a negative nightmare through centuries of diseased religion. Although this is the first album I’ve listened to by them, I am inspired to backtrack through their discography to check out their other carefully placed concepts.

If you are a seasoned Ufomammut fan having followed them since their debut in 1999, then you don’t need me to tell you to check out this amazing album. However, if you’ve never heard of them nor their music before, how about you stop what you’re doing right now. Yes. Right now. And listen to Ecate. You’ll thank me for turning you on “early” enough to catch them live on their first full U.S tour this year.

Ecate by Ufomammut Album Review | March 31st 2015 – Release Date

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