Converge – M&C Radio Show #37 – 8/6/2017

Aug 6th, 2017 Radio Show

Artist Title Acid Bath Bleed Me An Ocean Godmaker Shallow Points Wren In Great Yield Peach gb You Lied Neurosis Bending Light King Woman Deny Distorted Harmony As One Backwoods Payback Don’t Try Get The Shot Blackened Sun Converge I Can Tell You About Pain Converge Eve Scar Symmetry Neohuman Hark Son of Pythagoras Melvins Flaming Creature (Death) Elder Sanctuary Glosen Antlers

Boris – M&C Radio Show #36 – 7/23/2017

Jul 31st, 2017 Radio Show

  Artist Title Goatwhore Under The Flesh, Into The Soul Elder Dead Roots Stirring Melvins Night Goat Hollow Leg Murder Horn of the Rhino Name of Horn Bearer Brutus All Along The Dillinger Escape Plan Mouth of Ghosts Earth Torn by the Fox of the Cresent Moon Boris DEADSONG Boris Absolutego Boris Dear Jucifer Amplifier Below The Sun Blind Ocean Church of the Cosmic Skull…

Shroud Eater – M&C Radio Show #35 – 7/16/2017

Jul 18th, 2017 Radio Show

This week, I gave away a pair of tickets to see OXBOW and featured Shroud Eater as my Artist Spotlight! Play it back below. Artist Title Omega Massif Aura Dozer Big Sky Theory Fu Manchu Godzilla Joel Lindfors Null Point (feat. Sithu Aye) The Devin Townsend Project Offer Your Light Cave fo Swimmers The Sun Die Kreuzen Number Three Shroud Eater Smokeless Fire Shroud Eater…

Picture of the band "Suffocation"

Suffocation – M&C Radio Show #34 – 6/25/2017

Jun 27th, 2017 Radio Show

This time around, I featured Technical Death Metal band Suffocation from NYC. Check it out below! Artist Title Mutoid Man Kiss of Death Elder Sanctuary Hey Colossus The Guillotine Advent Wind from the Valley The Ocean Firmament Horrendous Polaris Tombs Cold Downfall of Gaia Petrichor KEN Mode Let’s Get Divorced Suffocation The Warmth Within the Dark Suffocation Clarity Through Deprivation Suffocation Your Last Breaths Blood Incantation…

Anything Goes Radio Show

Ticket Giveaway Alert on June 25th M&C Radio: Suffocation

Jun 21st, 2017 Radio Show

For June 25th’s Metal & Coffee Radio on WDKU 91.7 FM, I will be giving away one pair of tickets to see… Suffocation Revocation At Kung Fu Necktie Friday June 30th, courtesy of Flash Mob Productions. This show is 21+. Make sure to tune in Sunday June 25th at 10am for your chance to win!

Weedeater – M&C Radio Show #33 – 6/11/2017

Jun 16th, 2017 Radio Show

Artist Title Mouth Of The Architect Stretching Out Serial Hawk My Last Days Bongzilla Greenthumb Cetacean Earth Is A Whisper God Root Of Habit Monolord We Will Burn Sleep Dragonaut Weedeater Cain Enabler Black Wizard Eliminator Weedeater Monkey Junction Weedeater Long Gone Graves At Sea The Curse That Is Church of Misery Lambs of the Slaughter Goatsnake Another River To Cross SubRosa Beneath the Crown…

Anything Goes Radio Show

Ticket Giveaway Alert!

Jun 7th, 2017 Radio Show

On the next Metal & Coffee Radio on WDKU 91.7 FM, I will be giving away one pair of tickets to see… Weedeater Black Wizard Serial Hawk God Root At Kung Fu Necktie Monday June 12th, curtesy of Flash Mob Productions. Make sure to tune in Sunday June 11th at 10am for your chance to win!


Siberian – M&C Radio Show #32 – 6/4/2017

Jun 6th, 2017 Radio Show

Artist Spotlight on this week’s Metal & Coffee Radio on WKDU 91.7 FM is Siberian from Linköping, Sweden. Tune in every Sunday from 10am – 12pm EST. Artist Title Black Anvil As an Elder Learned Anew Hollow Leg Seaquake Mutoid Man Melt Your Mind Harvey Milk Women Dig It The Ocean Hadopelagic II: Let Them Believe SikTh The Aura Gloson Antlers Gideon Champions Siberian Axis Mundi…

Slagduster - M&C Radio Show #31 - 5/7/2017

Slagduster – M&C Radio Show #31 – 5/7/2017

May 7th, 2017 Radio Show

Artist Spotlight this week is Slagduster from British Columbia. Artist Title Gojira Silvera Obscure Sphinx Nothing Left Cave In Crossbearer Soen Fraccions Rosetta Back To Where You Began Wakrat Sober Addiction Gallows The Vulture (Acts I & II) Kyuss Demon Cleaner Slagduster Soldiers of Meth Slagduster Profane Puppet Slagduster Mother’s Milk Radkey Love Spills Opeth Cusp of Eternity The Obsessed Sacred Mastadon Blood & Thunder…

M&C Radio Show #30 – 4/23/2017

Apr 23rd, 2017 Radio Show

Artist Spotlight this week is Junius and their latest release Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light.   Artist Title War Pigs White Sheets Rat King Barren Bongzilla Weedy Woman 40 Watt Sun Restless Unearthly Trance Famine ISIS Holy Tears (Live) Insomnium While She Sleeps Pain of Salvation Meaningless Seer Glimmervoid Ordos The Infernal God Junius March of the Samsara Junius A Mass of Metaphysicians…