M&C Radio Show #29 – 3/26/2017

Mar 27th, 2017 Radio Show

Artist Spotlight this week is Hark!!! Artist Title Doomriders Possession The Body, Thou Her Strongholds Unvanquishable Fight Amp Ex-Everything SubRosa Wound of the Warden Cough Mind Collapse Pallbearer Dancing in Madness Conan Battle in the Swamp Hark Disintegrate Hark Transmutation Hark Son of Pythagoras Woe Unending Call of Woe Inter Arma Transfiguration Helms Alee Worth Your Wild Unearthly Trance The Great Cauldron

M&C Radio Show #28 – 3/12/2017

Mar 14th, 2017 Radio Show

This week’s Metal & Coffee radio features King Woman‘s debut release Created in the Image of Suffering. Enjoy. Artist Title Asteroid Water Breath of Nibiru Unmasking the Jesper Opeth Ghost of Perdition True Widow Theurgist Inter Arma The Survival Fires Caspian Loft Khemmis Three Gates Hark Speak In Tongues King Woman Hierophant King Woman Manna King Woman Hem Alter of Plagues As A Furnace Monolord…

M&C Radio Show #1

M&C Radio Show #27 – 3/5/2017

Mar 6th, 2017 Radio Show

Been gone for a while…BUT I’M BACK!   Artist Title Isis Glisten Dopelord Dead Inside (I&II) Soen Sister Witherfall Portrait Backwoods Payback That Dream Again Void of Sleep New World Order Alcest Oiseaux de proie Amorphis Under The Red Cloud Aeternam Paropamisadae Unearthly Trance Famine Hands New Heaven Lost Elysium Think Like The Enemy Cult of Luna Waiting For You Pain of Salvation King of…

M&C Radio Show #26 – 2/12/2017

Feb 15th, 2017 Radio Show

This week’s Artist Spotlight was Code Orange. I love those hardcore kids.   Artist Title Advent Wind from thre Valley Emptiness Ever Knocked Loose Counting Worms Oathbreaker Glimpse of the Unseen Drowningman Sadder than Saturday Acid Bath Graveflower Burst Sever Come Sleep Be The End Wear Your Wounds Wear Your Wounds Expire Hidden Love Darkthrone Boreal Fiends Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas A Greater…

M&C Radio Show #25 – 2/5/2017

Feb 5th, 2017 Radio Show

Artist Title Goblin Cock Flumed Cult of Luna Vague Illusions The Drowned God Nighttime Lips Opeth Weakness Sweet Cobra Far Too Temp Truckfighters Desert Cruiser Kyuss Jumbo Blimp Jumbo Khemmis Three Gates Zao Haunting Pools Katatonia Shifts Soen Sectarian Soen Orison Soen Lucidity Backwoods Payback Don’t Try Alcest Oiseaux De Proie Mouth of the Architect Quietly Leprous Triumphant Year of no Light Sélénite

M&C Radio Show #24 – 1/29/2017

Feb 4th, 2017 Radio Show

I had a badass time with this show 🙂 Artist Title Anciients Ibex Eye MONO Death In Reverse Burrows Skyblaze Obscure Sphinx Memorare Underling Downpour Eyes of the Living Count The Days Jinjer I Speak Astronomy Asteroid Last Days Asteroid Wolf & Snake Asteroid Them Calling Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas The Wreck of S.S. Needle Backwoods Payback Tuxedo Sepultura Machine Messiah Soen The…

M&C Radio Show #23 – 1/22/2017

Jan 22nd, 2017 Radio Show

The left and right channels were totally off the entire time. I need to start bringing my own aux cables. Sorry guys!   Artist Title Hanging Garden Pnumbra Church of Misery El Padrino (Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo) Neurosis Prayer Trap Them Hellionaires Pain of Salvation Tongue of God Textures Oceans Collide Zao I Leave You In Peace Angela Martyr Negative Youth Turbid North The Pyramid…

M&C Radio Show #20 – 12/4/2016

Dec 18th, 2016 Radio Show

Artist Title Album Label Sadgiqacea Falese Segments False Prism Minsk Waging War on the Forevers Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead Nor Alive Ephel Duath Tracing the Path of Blood Hemmed by Light, Shaped by Darkness Meshuggah Violet Sleep of Reason The Violent Sleep of Reason Listener Request Waldgeflüster Weltenwanderer Ruinen Between the Buried And Me Aspirations Between the Buried And Me The…

M&C Radio Show #19 – 11/20/2016

Nov 21st, 2016 Radio Show

Artist Title Album Label Monolith Apparation Eclipse Downfall of Gaia Brood Atropy Red Fang Dumb Guy Only Ghosts Pulling Teeth Paradise Illusions Paranoid Delusions Paradise Illusions Tomydeepestego Victor TMDE Ufomammut Lacrimosa Snailking NAAT Vostok NAAT NAAT Falesia NAAT A Cold Dead Body Semen Harvest Years A Cold Dead Body The Womb Harvest Years Asteroid Them Calling III A Storm of Light Fall Nations to Flame…