M&C Radio Show #48 – 1/21/2018

Feb 8th, 2018 Radio Show

Artist Title Old Man Gloom To Carry The Flame Emptiness Ever The Altas Moth Galactic Brain Black Space Riders Creature of No Light (Exodus, Pt. 1) Hamferð Fylgisflog Opeth Cusp of Eternity Enslaved Hiindsiight Cane Hill Strange Candy Khemmis Antediluvian Drottnar Axiom Goblin Cock Flumed Ufomammut Braindome Alcest Oiseaux de proie Myrkur The Serpent Died Conk Noorvik Shishaldin Lantlôs Bliss

Sinistro – M&C Radio Show #47 – 1/14/2018

Jan 15th, 2018 Radio Show

This week’s Metal & Coffee radio features Sinistro’s new album Sangue Cassia. Artist Title Sleep Holy Mountain Backwoods Payback Dirge Husbandry Hierba Mala Nunca Muere Skyharbor Idle Minds Corrosion of Conformity The Luddite Oh, Sleeper Endseekers Royal Thunder April Showers Hell WanderingSoul David Maxim Micic Someone Else’s Hat Sinistro Cosmos Controle Sinistro Lotus Sinistro Petalas Heavy Temple Key and Bone Underling Blackout YLVA Metadata Grizzlor…

Summoning – M&C Radio Show #46 – 1/7/2018

Jan 13th, 2018 Radio Show

This show features Summoning’s new album With Doom We Come. Enjoy!   Artist Title Rat King Barren Black Space Riders Lovely Lovelie Kowloon Walled City Your Best Years Hell Inscriptus Fu Manchu Dimension Shifter We Came As Romans Cold Like War Godflesh Be God Godmaker Shallow Points YLVA Sting in the Air Summoning Tar-Calion Summoning Silvertine Ghost Cirice Izah Finite Horizon Eyehategod My Name Is God (I…

Hanging Garden – M&C Radio Show #45 – 11/19/2017

Nov 23rd, 2017 Radio Show

The artist spotlight for this edition of Metal & Coffee radio was Finnish prog artists, Hanging Garden.   Artist Title Godflesh Post Self Throneless Masters of Nothing Acid Witch Trick or Treat Both Micaragua Elder Compendium Horrendous Polaris Dissection Heaven’s Damnation Ragana Destroyer Hanging Garden Hearthfire Hanging Garden Elysium Hanging Garden One Hundred Years Ablaze in Hatred When the Blackened Candles Shine Converge Thousands of Miles Between Us…

Bell Witch – M&C Radio Show #44 – 11/5/2017

Nov 20th, 2017 Radio Show

This was a fun one! I did a ticket giveaway for Bell Witch‘s Philly show and a lot of people were fighting for it. Artist Title LLNN Eye of the Covenant Iron Monkey 9-13 KOLOSS ONE WAVE Converge The Dusk in Us Unearthly Trance Scythe Acid Bath The Blue Anacondas Ghost Tax The Atlas Moth Holes in the Desert Primitive Man My Will Bell Witch…

BUZZOV•EN – M&C Radio Show #43 – 10/22/2017

Oct 29th, 2017 Radio Show

Artist Title Ihsahn Disassembled Enslaved Axis of the Worlds Enslaved Hiindsiight Monolord Rust Spirit Adrift Earthbound This is Hell Bloodlines The Black Dahlia Murder Kings of the Nightworld Unsane Factory BUZZOV•EN Hollow BUZZOV•EN Symptom BUZZOV•EN Kakkila Lich King Civilization Inter Arma The Survival Fires Alekhine’s Gun Bound Loincloth Clausa Vulgate Amenra Plus Près De Toi Paradise Lost Blood & Chaos Cult of Luna Waiting For…

Album Cover of Usnea's Portals into Futility

Usnea – M&C Radio Show #42 – 9/24/2017

Oct 15th, 2017 Radio Show

Sup, ya’ll! This week I featured Usnea, sludge/doom metal band hailing from Portland, Oregon. Enjoy! Artist Title Gigan Hideous Wailing Of The Ronowen During Nightshade Hell SubOdin Atriarch Void Ufomammut Babel Rosetta Departe Inter Arma The Summer Drones Husbandry …With Codeine Usnea Eidolons and the Increate Usnea Lathe of Heaven Usnea Demon Haunted World Conan Headless Hunter Argus Devils of Your Time L.M.I Weak Stilts…

Album Artwork for band called HELL

Hell & Truck – M&C Radio Show #41 – 9/10/2017

Oct 7th, 2017 Radio Show

On this edition of Metal & Coffee, my artist spotlight is Hell, extreme funeral doom metal band from Oregon. I also premiered a new track by Philadelphia’s hippie death metal band, Trunk, called ‘Nocturnal Hallucinations’ in anticipation for the release of their 5-song EP Green later this fall. Artist Title Periphery Marigold Arch Enemy Blood in the Water Callisto Backbone Solace The Disillusioned Project Torche Bishop…